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Who We Are

To change the generational trajectory of underserved youth both domestically and globally by providing esteemed educational opportunities.

We transform lives by utilizing the power and passion of sports as means to providing inner-city youth with mentoring, academics, and athletics. 
Our vision is to foster equity, inclusion, and accessibility for inner- city youth by guaranteeing access to life changing experiences and invaluable mentorship through athletics and academics. 

Our values are the shared principles and beliefs that guide our actions and provide a compass for all of our decisions.

Equity: Providing equal opportunities and access to education.

Empowerment: Supporting and empowering students to reach their full potential.

Inclusion: Fostering diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our programs.

Mentorship: Offering individualized mentorship to ensure academic, social, and emotional development.

Excellence: Striving for academic, athletic, and personal excellence in every student.

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