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learn the business of science

In partnership with Waters Corporation, TEAM New England collaborates to create a new initiative to expand and enhance learning opportunities for Boston high school students. Launching the first cohort in 2021, students receive the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at the Waters Corporation worldwide headquarters. The Internship culminates with a final presentation to the Senior Leadership team of Waters and closing ceremony.

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explore the functions of business

/  marketing and sales

The Internship Program provides students the opportunity to learn different functions within a successful corporation and science industry. 

Students accepted into the program rotate in cohorts and spend one-to-two days within each department. 

Students assist scientists in labs, work with back-office management, and learn from top level executives to get a real perspective and true understanding of what it means to work for Waters Corporation. 

experience new learning opportunities

The Internship Program offers students an interactive form of career exploration and exposure. Promoting personal development and professional preparation, students develop long-term networking and mentorship opportunities

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